Terms and conditions

MORE Card Terms and conditions

  1. MORE card membership is open to UK residents, aged 18 or over.
  2. MORE card refers to the loyalty programme accessed through either a plastic MORE card which is scanned at the tills or the MORE App which earns points on purchases within or can also be scanned at the tills.
  3. The MORE card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount card.
  4. A MORE card entitles the holder to 10 points for every £1 spent on any food and drink purchased and consumed on the premises.
  5. The points you receive will be given for every whole pound spent, for example if you spend £1.99 you will earn 10 points and if you spend £2.00 you will earn 20 points.
  6. Cards can be used in participating pubs and restaurants only. For the latest full list of participating pubs please download the More App.
  7. Scheme redemption, rewards and offers can only be accessed once a MORE card is fully registered. Cards can be registered via our mobile More App which you can download on iOS and Android.
  8. In order to collect points a card or App must be presented at the time of ordering. Failure to present a card will mean points cannot be collected.
  9. Once a balance of 200 points is reached, we’ll convert this to £2 currency on your account. The currency can be redeemed via any till point in any pub participating in the MORE card scheme.
  10. If any individual Reward vouchers are earned on your account as part of a promotion they can be used against any food and drink purchase in full or in part. No physical cash change will be given; any remaining value will stay on the card.
  11. Once registered, any points and currency earned will now expire on September 30th 2022, in line with the removal of the More Card scheme – see point 24. Points and currency are non-transferable and carry no cash value.
  12. Any bonus points that are added to your account may be available for a limited period only and removed if not redeemed during the promotional period.
  13. Reward vouchers can only be redeemed in pubs participating in the MORE card scheme.
  14. Card balance and points information can be obtained via the More App, or in one of our participating venues, by asking a member of staff.
  15. Cardholders may be asked to show ID when attempting to use the card. Cards may be retained if misuse or fraudulent use is suspected.
  16. Only one card can be held by a registered individual at any one time.
  17. Should you choose to receive reward emails from us you can unsubscribe from this service at any time by using the unsubscribe button. For full details of how we manage your data, please see our privacy policy.
  18. Your details and information about your transactions will be used by us to send you membership correspondence and to improve our service to you. We will never share personal data with any third party.
  19. This card remains the property of Stonegate Group.
  20. The Company reserves the right to amend or terminate any loyalty schemes, or vary the terms of participation, or withdraw, any part of the scheme or offer without compensation at any time and without prior notice.
  21. Scheme organised by Stonegate Group, 3 Monkspath Hall Road, Solihull, West Midlands B90 4SJ.
  22. For lost or stolen cards, please contact the MORE Card helpdesk email at [email protected]. Please include the card number if known, along with the email and or mobile number the card was registered under. We will then suspend your card. Go into a participating pub, pick up a replacement card and contact us with the new card number, and we will transfer your balance and points to your new card.
  23. The following lettered Terms & Conditions are applicable for a trial taking place from 08/03/2022:
    1. From 08/03/2022 we will be running a trial in which the ability to earn points is removed from 8 current More Card sites.
    2. In these sites you will be able to redeem any currency that you have accrued, but your purchases will not earn points from 08/03/2022 onwards.
    3. Any More accounts set up from one of these trial sites will still work fully at any sites not on the trial.
    4. Points and currency are transferable to other sites not on the trial but are not transferable to cash or refundable.
    5. The following sites are in the trial:
      1. The Woodville in Cardiff.
      2. The Warehouse in Huddersfield.
      3. The Anchor in Bristol.
      4. The Roper Hall in Preston.
      5. The Gassy’s in Cardiff.
      6. The Canon in Bath.
      7. The Lost Hour in Greenwich.
      8. The White Harte in Bristol.
    6.  The following sites all had the ability to accrue More Card points removed in August 2021.
      1. The Roundabout, Plymouth.
      2. The Braes, Dundee.
      3. The Footage, Manchester.
      4. The Hope & Anchor, Liverpool.
      5. The Clarendon, Leamington Spa.
      6. The Library, Durham.
      7. The Bedford, Southampton.
      8. The Penny Theatre, Canterbury.
    7. For any additional information about this trial please contact [email protected].
    8. Following a format change on the 10th of August 2021, the Bloomery in Sheffield has also stopped using the More Card. More Currency is no longer able to be redeemed at this pub.
    9. For a list of venues still accepting the More Card in full, please download the More App and browse all venues.
  24. The following lettered Terms & Conditions pertain to the full removal of the More Card from all remaining pubs and bars.
    1. On the16th August 2022 the More Card Loyalty Scheme will come to an end.
    2. From this date the ability to earn Points or Currency will be removed from all existing More Card pubs.
    3. Redemption of accrued currency will be possible until September 30th 2022.
    4. From October 1st 2022 all points and currency will be lost, are non-transferable and carry no cash value.